List of agricultural animal genomes

NameSpeciesEnsembl Build
CatfishIctalurus punctatusNo data
ChickenGallus gallusGalgal4.84
DuckAnas platyrhynchosBGI_duck_1.0.84
CowBos taurusUMD3.1.84
GoatCapra hircusgoat_scaffoldFG_V1.1
PigSus scrofaSscrofa10.2.84
HorseEquus caballusEquCab2.84
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculusOryCun2.0.84
SheepOvis ariesOar_v3.1.84
TurkeyMeleagris gallopavoUMD2.84
HumanHomo SapiensGRCh38.84
MouseMus musculusGRCm38.84
YeastSaccharomyces cerevisiaeR64-1-1.84
C.eleganCaenorhabditis elegansWBcel235.84


To download:
Reference genomes, annotations and formatted databases (for both BWA and Bowtie2) are available from and
Reference databases are updated every 6 months, the last set of reference database are available from and

Please read the README file before download.