Community Development

CD-HIT has a very large user base and we frequently receive users requests, comments, suggestions and feedback, which have been a driving force for CD-HIT project. We would like to build a more interactive and engaged CD-HIT user community. We invite all users, developer and researcher to play roles in cd-hit development:

What you can do:

Use cases

Here a use case is a study that uses or customizes our clustering tools in a non-standard, non-trivial or smart way to solve a specific biological sequence analysis problem, e.g. clustering HIV sequences from clinical samples for classification of viral types. A use case often requires our team to modify CD-HIT codes, develop scripts and to work with users. Contact us if you are interested in co-develop use cases with us. We are currently working on documentation for existing usecases, these will be releases soon.

List of functions and features to be developed

Here is a list of major new functions and features suggested by cd-hit users and friends: