Group of Weizhong Li

This is the research group of Weizhong Li at the J Craig Venter Institute. The web site of my previous group at UCSD is, where many resources are still available.

We are interested in developing novel and effective methods for biological sequence and data analysis, metagenomics, system biology, gene discovery, protein structure and function prediction, genome annotation, and structure based molecular modeling and simulation. We write programs, databases, and web servers to support our research and to serve the research communities. We also apply the tools we developed to solve practical biological problems.

Our group has been working on the following projects:
Human Microbiome Project (HMP) is NIH initiative aims to characterize the microbial communities on the human body sites and to analyze the role of these microbes in human health and disease. Our group's role in HMP is to develop computational method to address the data analysis challenges in HMP and other metagenomics project.

CAMERA is a cyber infrastructure aims to serve the needs of the microbial ecology research community, and other scientists using metagenomics data, by creating a rich, distinctive data repository and a bioinformatics tools resource that will address many of the unique challenges of metagenomic analysis.

CD-HIT is a very popular program we developed for clustering biological sequences with many applications in various fields such as making non-redundant databases, finding duplicates, identifying protein families, filtering sequence errors and improving sequence assembly etc.

BioKepler is comprehensive bioinformatics scientific workflow module for distributed analysis of large-scale biological data.

RNA-seq portal is a web portal with tools for analyzing RNA-seq data for agricultural animal species, supported by NIFA award #2013-67015-21428.